Lars Karbo

I'm building 12 startups in 12 months

by Lars Karbo • 8th Nov 2020

PS: read my post-project post here: A Year of Making Is Done

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The time has come.

After years of creating stuff into the void. After years of building things and never launching them. After years of working on other people’s dreams.

I step into the ranks of the giants, and do the 12 startups in 12 months challenge.

Startup is the new corporate

Modern startup culture fronts ideas like toxic work hours, burning bridges and lock-in effects. The burnout rate in startups and the modern tech world is devastating.

I don’t want to be a part of this.

I will go my own way.

The world is getting faster

10 years ago you would need a team of 5 and months to build something.

5 years ago you could do it alone.

Now, you can do it in an afternoon – and you might not even need to code.

If you are slow you are going to be left out.

Improve my habits

I am a builder at heart, but like many creatives, I have troubles finishing my projects. Showing off your baby is a real uncomfortable thing. Many founders get stuck in this paralysis.

By taking on this project I will constantly put myself in situations where I need to finish. This is the best practice I could dream of for improving this habit.

Together we are stronger

I am doing this project together with 5 other motivated makers at We are all doing our own 12 startups, but as a group we push each other, and help each other on the way.

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What do I want to build?

  • SaaS products on the web
  • At least one B2B product
  • At least one fintech bank API product
  • Require little maintenence work
  • Facilitate long term passive income
  • Some of them focused on my key areas: music, time, psychology.

Makers who are inspiring me

Follow me on the journey

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