Lars Karbo

I’m Joining Layer3

by Lars Karbo • 6th Feb 2022

Today, I’m excited to announcing I’m joining Layer3 to help build a future where anyone, anywhere, can earn crypto by contributing to Web3.

Why Web3?

Honestly, it took me some time to really “get it”.

It wasn’t until a few months ago, when reading this 200-page post that it really clicked.

Programmable tokens on blockchains make new forms of governance and collaboration possible. Just like democracy is a technology for running nations, the LLC is a technology for creating businesses, tokens unlock new and powerful methods of collaboration.

Tokens can facilitate systems not possible earlier. Out in the world right now, there are lots of smart people iterating on governance structure, incentive alignment and logistics of running globally distributed projects. These projects — called DAOs — have goals ranging from solving the climate crisis, breaking up big pharma, or crowd-buying an NBA team.

The area where DAOs really have the potential to shine, is in cases where the current incentive structure works against the core mission. DAOs figuring out big world problems, or creating better dating apps, benefit from having incentives aligned with the mission, instead of incentives aligned with shareholders.

The concept of a DAO is still very early. The idea is good. The dream of what the technology can unlock is awesome. The people lining up to contribute and work in the space are massively talented. But there is still a massive amount of people who want to contribute, but don’t know where to start.

Why Layer3?

Layer3’s mission is to onboard the next 100 million people by providing the tools to contribute to Web3 in a simple intuitive way.

Today, all across the DAO ecosystem, we are seeing a clear market need for talent, and a population who wants to contribute. We are seeing huge communities around projects. People are holding tokens and hanging out in Discord communities, but it’s often very hard to figure out where to get started to actually contribute.

I believe the most important layer of crypto is the people and want to help build a platform that enables mainstream users to get involved in a more meaningful way.

I’m excited to get started, and work on a future where globally distributed projects work towards a shared vision of human collaboration and prosperity.