Lars Karbo

Organize, annotate and share samples from Spotify and Youtube

by Lars Karbo • 28th Oct 2020

Are you a music teacher?

Or maybe you work with music in another way?

I am building a tool that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Listening is a valuable skill

It is important to listen to music in order to be good.

Developing a good ear is key to become a good musician. Your students should listen to music a lot.

We live in a world with fantastic opportunities for listening to music. Millions of songs are available on Spotify, Youtube and SoundCloud.

But how do you systematically work with these services?

Playlists suck

Playlists are a weird way of organizing songs.

Not made for organizing, made for playing.

You need a tool made for organizing.

If you want to refer your student to songs right now, you have different options:

  • Use a playlist (I already told you they are bad)
  • Send links
  • Tell the student to search it up
  • Send an mp3

None of these ways are ideal.

Let me show you the best way to do it.

Use Slapper to organize and collaborate

Slapper is a tool that let’s you connect to Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud.

You then make an interactive document where you can add songs.

Collection of songs from any platform into an interactive document

You can annotate on the songs. Maybe you want the student to do something special, or remember certain elements.

Use slapper to write instructions or thoughts on each song

You can reference specific segments and play them directly.

Select the segments you want to focus on

Slapper is in beta, and I want you to test it.

Be one of the first.

Let me know if you are interested. Send me a DM on