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How I got 100.000 views and 22.50$ revenue from 21 days on TikTok

by Lars Karbo • 19th Oct 2020

I recently started my TikTok project, where I post everyday about my indie hacking journey.

Now, 21 days after, I have over 100.000 views and 22.50$ revenue.

Would the TikTok audience like hearing about techy topics?

I set out to try.

I have never been very active on social media, and never exposed myself on video this way. This was truly an uncomfortable thing for me to do, especially in the beginning.

My posts 📝

A chart showing views over time

My system was to post every day. No matter if it was going to be a low quality one, I was going to post it.

That seemed to be a genius system, because some of the best-performing videos I made were the videos I didn’t want to post.

The intro post (600 views)

I started out with a video explaining my story.

  1. I quit my job.
  1. I was going to work on some projects.

After this, the show was on. It was a huge leap out of my comfort zone.

The brain computer (1400 views)

The first video that I felt worked really well, was the one where I talk about the 🧠 brain computer.

In the end of the video I tell my followers that I am going to make music with my brain.

I never figureed out how to do that, haha. Will need to look into that some time. (70.000 views)

This one was crazy.

I made A site that lists people named Lars.

The website got thousands of views and almost 200 Lars submissions.

The story behind this is that a lot of the people I interacted with daily was named “Lars”. I made this video as a joke, but it turned out to become pretty big.

I think the reason this idea took off is that there actually are a lot of people named Lars in Norway, where I live!

The process of adding Larses was not automated so it was A LOT of work for me.

Because of that, I decided to add a paywall to restrict submissions. More on that in the end of this article.

The journey (3000 views - multiple videos)

Until this point, I mostly made random videos about programming, building on the web and things like that.

But I felt I wanted to actually share some real work, and have some more consistency.

Build a story. Build a project.

So that’s why I released my 50 customers before release project.

The idea was simple: “Interview one new person every day about my Slapper idea. Try to get them onboard and pay 5$ to be a beta-tester. Get 50 people to say yes”.

Screenshot of my 50 users journey

Find all videos on my TikTok.

This is a great thing to do both for business and social media. In business it is smart to talk to potential customers before building. In social media it is smart to have a system or a story to tell.

How did I get 💰 revenue from all of this?

You don’t earn money directly from TikTok.

But you can earn money if you refer people from TikTok to your products.

counting money

In my case I earned 22.50$:

  • 2.50$ x 3 = 7.50$ - submissions. After a lot of manual work of adding Larses I added a paywall to restrict submissions. A few people paid to get added. That’s fun.
  • 5.00$ x 3 = 15.00$ - For my journey, I ask people to pay 5$ to be a beta tester. 3 people have paid.

I think the audience and experience you earn on TikTok is way more valuable than the few short-time dollars you can squeeze out. But it is fun to earn a bit.


I got over 100.000 views from posting about indie hacking 21 days on TikTok.

I learnt a lot about 🤛 pushing comfort zones, 📹 video editing and 📢 interacting with an audience.

The money I earned was mostly symbolic, but is possible to leverage better with a better strategy and products.

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