Lars Karbo

Should I focus this blog on one topic?

by Lars Karbo • 16th Jan 2022

There is a power in focusing on one thing. You can start blogging about that topic, you can become an expert in that topic.

Should the blog be focused around one topic?

Right now this blog is a about many things. I am all over the place. Indie hacking, bootstrapping, productivity, web3. I think this is ok for now, but it might be more powerful to focus on one thing. Then people know what to expect and I can spend one or two years going deep into it.

Right now I am thinking of what to do next. There are multiple things I think I could be good at, and go deep into:

  • Web3. I am already half-deep into the waters here, and will probably join an early stage web3 startup shortly.
  • Video encoding and streaming. I made and, and realize I have a little guilty pleasure for video encoding technology. It fascinates me. I could dive deep into this.

Or maybe my blog should just be chaotic?

It makes sense to focus on one thing, but at the same time, is a website about me, and I'm a complex creature with lots of different interests. Maybe I could focus more on one topic on Twitter, and keep this place messy and chaotic?

I'm thinking of a description like this: "This website is a chaotic place for my thoughts, projects and writings. It is not centered around one topic, but rather a conglemeration of my articles, short notes and random ideas. It is like my brain: some good parts, some messy parts, and all in all a huge interconnected web of interesting topics and creative ideas".

I’ll think more about this...