Lars Karbo

Having three writing sections: articles, random thoughts and random logs

by Lars Karbo • 16th Jan 2022

Julian Shapiro talks about getting the wastewater out when you write. Just start writing, write something poorly first, don't judge yourself. After a while - when you have gotten the wastewater out - good writing will come out.

Over new years I have been rebuilding and redesigning this blog. Where should I take this blog?

I want to write more quality stuff. I admire people who write well and get an audience around their ideas. At the same time, aiming for perfection can become a prison.

I'm thinking of a system that lets me work on high-quality well-written articles in addition to habit-enforcing waste-water small writings and notes.

Here is the system I have been thinking of:

Three writing sections

  • Random thoughts. Internal thoughts, ideas, or questions. More like an inner dialouge. This can be bad. Maybe some of the posts will be raw material for an article. I shouldn’t surface these posts as much as the articles, but maybe some readers find them interesting. They should be timestamped to avoid conflicts if I make an article with the same name. Example: 🤔Should I focus this blog on one topic?
  • Random logs. These are like a diary. I don't try to focus them around a topic or make them interesting for the general public. In some cases, if I am working towards a goal, it can be interesting to follow. Alex West has an interesting system for this, wehre he writes daily logs and consolidates them into monthly reviews and eventually into larger articles.

The random logs section might actually make most sense if you are working on a clear goal on a clear path. Like being an Indie Hacker and tracking MRR.

I’ll start writing some random thoughts-articles (like this one), and see how that works. Maybe I’ll do random logs when I nail down a clear goal for this year.

EDIT: I ended up trying this briefly, but settled for simplicity instead. Everything is a post. I might do some more segregation in the future.